Who doesn’t love to keep up with the constantly evolving trends? We need a pinch of trendy styles in everything we wear. Not exaggerating, but we all wore a surgical mask in the mid months of 2020 but began to use floral, textured or even embroidered masks, didn’t we?
We all shift to new trends by shedding the current practice. Meanwhile, we forget the essence of a product or practise.This is nothing new with Constructions and Interior designs that we will be discussing now as well!
Here are a few insiders that will keep you hooked up with the contemporary trends and styles without messing up with peace and comfort of our “HOMES”

Contemporary Vs. Modern:

We always confuse these terms and yes, they are not the same. Modern is atemporal while contemporary does not define a period but the styles and techniques involved in a medium. In this case, using minimal colours and designs are the basic structures of contemporary style in construction and interior designs.
Keep reading to dig more!
Here is a list that the Viruksha team has curated and we firmly believe in “Comfort Is Key”


Minimalist colours are the contemporary trend across all industries like fashion, photography. The famous minimalist colours would be the basics like white, black and grey. But, play around with your favorite colours and just choose the right hue! That’s the secret tip! Replace the thickest of rose with pastel pink shades and green with teal colours.
To know more about colours and its psychological impacts of using in different rooms, click here.


With the right types of windows, a house can have one of the most fascinating corners. Contemporary designs are known to have extra space for lighting and air. The affordable and best way to achieve that is by having a beautifully constructed window. If your house location is blessed with a beautiful park or garden, add the wall-sized windows or French Windows.
It will double up the blessing by allowing some sunshine. Do you know that we are hitting the rewind button and brushing some basics? Yes, some contemporary designers advise you to use monochromatic colours blended with a hue of pastel colours.


We build our home for a peaceful living and not for mere attractive designs, right? So, as effectively as we concentrate on technicalities we should have an eye on children and elders’ comfort too!
For instance, the extra polished marble floors look great but are they convenient? so, while designing your house, thinking about the comfort level of all the people dwelling along with you is inevitable. One such contemporary idea we intake is the skilful designing of the kitchen and dining areas. Some people might prefer it together and some don’t. With all the odds, we prefer the cabinetry and not a marble-topped centre pillar cooking space!
Innovative thinking adopted for the person next to you is a valuable take!


It is one of the pleasing trends that YouTubers have inculcated upon us. As a famous saying goes, “Keeping ourselves surrounded by 3 Ps is essential: Plants, Pets and Pictures”.
A devoted corner for plants is an ideal take. If you would like to take a leaping step, terrace vegetation is your ideal partner!
As Viruksha symbolises, greenery roots for prosperity and health! If you follow the contemporary design and have painted your house in green colour, just add a flower pot on the nightstand and the pink blossoms can pop up the corner!
So, which of these points would you like to add in your next house? Tell us in the comments. Whatever you choose, choose Comfort too!

Written by Kaviyakavi with inputs from Virukshadevelopers

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Lt Col (Dr) M Baskaran
Lt Col (Dr) M Baskaran

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