How to Get Ahead in Interior Design with Colour Psychology

Colours! They are the treat to human eyes! Everything we see around us is ruled by colours and Imagism in literature started with the same. While human beings invest a lot of time in choosing the right clothes and pair of shoes for an event, we should be picky about choosing the right colours to the place we live as well.

This article will help you in choosing the right ones! To get there, let’s have a quick look at the types of colours and colour wheels!


The colour wheel or colour spectrum is the basic template you should refer to before painting your house. The colour spectrum has primary, secondary and tertiary colours. They are further paired up and formed into many shades and hues.
The Contemporary Indian Interior Designers prefer Cool and warm colours, Monochromatic and Non-colours!
Cool and warm colours are two different extremes with different psychological effects. Warm colours like red, orange and yellow symbolizes optimism and comfort while the cool colours like blue and green symbolise relaxation and joy.
Non-colours category is the ones that do not fall in the colour spectrum but are still the rulers of Indian interior designs. They are beige, cream, whites, grey and black (BLACK? Yes, Keep reading)
We, at Viruksha, have created a quick guide that helps you to create a pleasing environment! Here, it goes….
  • Factors to be considered while choosing the colours for houses in India
  • Choice of colour schemes
  • A bonus point!


Does this sound strange to you? If yes, these are simple points that we often overlook upon. The colours are classified into many types because of the saturation and combination of shades! Thus, it is important to understand and choose colours wisely.

The factors are:

  • Climatic conditions
  • Size of the rooms
  • Purpose of the rooms


You must have met a friend or two who regrets the choice of colours in their houses, haven’t you? Choosing colours that resonate with our minds is an important point too!

In India, we did not experiment with colours much but this decade has seen a new phase. Now, people use different types of paints in different rooms.

However, colour psychology is an unexplored area while we pick paints. We might choose a colour we love but it’s necessary to know the colour psychology behind that! The next part of the article will unfold some colour choices and colour psychology behind it!


Cool colours like Blue, green, purple and their respective shades are known to open up the space. They make smaller rooms look bigger and wider. As the living room/hall is the most visited palace of our house, it’s wiser to paint your house in powder blue colour, and soft pinks. Let’s not miss out on the non-colours like beige, whites and greys! You can play around with different colours in your living room walls and ceilings!

Colouring in beige or blue gives:

  • Peace
  • Joy
  • Empathy
  • Serenity


According to colour psychology, beige greens, pale-yellow, and Lavender colour is known for calmness and gratitude. So, painting your bedroom in lavender or purple shades can make you fall asleep faster than ever! So, this colour will keep the heated conversations away from the bedroom!

For the bedroom, always choose a color that is,

  • Relaxing
  • Therapeutic
  • Calming
  • Brisk mornings


Yes! Most people dislike yellow but it is the most chosen colour for kitchen space. A wall can be painted in yellow and the dining room can be complemented with mustard colours.


Half-white is a perfect catch! However, red colour can also be considered! Limiting it only to the smaller corners of your houses like a reading corner, drawing corner or a place with your study table.

So, pick a colour that gives you,

  • Alertness
  • Motivation
  • Focused mind

As promised at the beginning of the blog, here is the bonus point to diversify your notions of colours.


Climatic conditions in India are diverse and we should make wise choices. The colour psychology is all about using the right colours in the right room and the right place. Warm colours like red can be a perfect choice for interior locations but definitely not the outer bricks. You know why? They can expand easily and become denser with time. So, bright colours are a big no-no.

Have you seen a red house in India? Umm, No!
We might be hooked to wonder about something here! When non-colours are predominantly being used in India, why is BLACK not considered?
Is it sentimentally avoided? Nope! Not just that. Black or any dark colour can expand with heat as stated above. And they also converge and make your house look smaller and make it appear like a cave. So, if you ever think about experimenting with “All Black Look”, a huge NO-NO for the house!
In India, we multitask everything and so do our homes! We eat, binge watch and sleep on the bed in the bedroom or couch in the living room. So, while choosing the colours, we need to be a tad bit careful to understand colour psychology!

Written by Kaviyakavi with inputs from Virukshadevelopers

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