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VirukshA was born to achieve impeccable quality through aesthetic homes dedicated to the care and service of senior citizens based in Coimbatore and South. Lt Col (Dr) M Baskaran who has 22 years of experience serving in Indian Army and 11 years in the Corporate sector, is the Founder and Managing Director of VirukshA. The years of experience and expertise inculcated by him throughout his journey in caring for senior citizens pan India is what drives us forward.

VirukshA constantly keeps on researching ways to improve your quality of life through real estate and Senior Living communities. We are equipped with the impeccable ability to formulate and implement tactical ideas for achieving corporate strategic goals. The core objective of VirukshA is to be a qualified resource who has the potential to make a positive difference in the lives of the people we serve. Dedication is what we trust in and Care is what we believe in.


Our Mission is to offer assured premium quality services for the developmental and operational success of Real Estate and Senior Living Communities with a blend of technologically advanced construction facilities. We are passionate about empowering and ensuring the personal growth of our clients as residents and team members while creating targeted financial results.


To be the builder and service provider of choice for value minded clients and high performing employees.

The Years Don’t Count, the Expertise Does

VirukshA, being an organization in its budding stage may not have years of experience to boast of. But, our expertise in the field and staff members with experience in Senior living facilities and innovative skills to come up with great construction designs are the biggest assets we can always be proud of. Headed by Lt Col (Dr) M Baskaran who has immense experience in leading the senior living, services and care facilities of a well-known company as Director (Projects & Operations), VirukshA has so much on the platter to offer diverse Senior living solutions.

VirukshA  continues to strive for perfection by carrying out research works that help in elevating the quality of our services and thus the quality of life of the clients. We aim to exceed your expectation levels and offer you the best, be it in terms of construction or senior living amenities.

Who We Are?

VirukshA Constructions and Developers Private Ltd. is a blooming organization with multi-talented individuals. We strive for perfection in every step we make. We excel in innovative designs, impeccable construction, and real estate consultancy services that lean towards customer satisfaction. We are also highly focused on the development of senior living communities with plush amenities that raises the standards of living higher. We are armed with innovative senior living concepts that blend with cutting-edge technology and a decade of experience working on senior living projects spread all across South India.

Innovations That Amaze

Innovative concepts that are a fine blend of modernistic designs and creative ideas.

Cutting-edge Technology

Exemplary senior living concepts that walk hand in hand with technological advancements.

Premium Senior Living Communities

Conceptualize to develop Senior Living Communities that lay focus on comfort and care wrapped up in luxurious living standards.

What Makes Viruksha Unique?

Here is Why We Are the Best Choice for You

Experienced Professionals

Experienced construction and senior living professionals armed with industry-specific insights.

Ideas That Impress

Well-researched and thoughtful ideas with actionable insights that leave you impressed.

Personalized Touch

Specially designed concepts that suit your project’s specific needs and market conditions.

Walking Ahead

We walk ahead of time by attracting, cultivating and retaining the top talent in the industry.

Strategic Partnerships

We follow a collaborative approach to develop strategic partnerships that improve sales and build relations.

Focus on Sales & Marketing

Our sales and marketing techniques are focused on developing sustainable solutions that ensures our valued clients get the best services ever.

In-Depth Research

We believe in quantitative and qualitative comprehensive research and report techniques.


Lt Col (Dr) M Baskaran, Managing Director of VirukshA, served as a Commissioned Officer in the Corps of Engineers , in Indian Army. While in service, he has executed numerous projects including few prestigious multi crore, multi dimensional projects of national importance. He also played a crucial role in the completion of a couple of projects which were the brainchild of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Upon hanging up the uniform, he stepped into the corporate sector at senior/top level management in real estate and senior living segment. A keen strategist with experience in managing the entire construction and senior living business development and operations, he is skilled in determining a business unit’s mission & strategic direction. His ability to formulate and implement tactical initiatives as well as strategic advice to partners and stakeholders helped in achieving corporate strategic goals.

With an enviable record of achieving corporate strategic goals in Construction Sector and development of senior living communities driving overall growth of the organization, VirukshA was born with the sole aim to create premium quality homes dedicated to the care of senior citizens based in Coimbatore and Southern India.

Based on the experience gained Lt Col.Dr. M Baskaran redefined the concept of senior living, services and care which restores the dignity and respect for the seniors. Due to his great passion for seniors, he completed his Doctoral Research Work (Ph.D) at Bharathiar University by studying the quality of service offered by senior living communities to achieve high customer satisfaction. The thesis submitted identifies the gap between the expectations and perceptions of the seniors and the service being provided. This knowledge gained will augment the quality of services in future projects to achieve the best customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With his unique combination of compassion, knowledge and expertise, Lt Col (Dr) M Baskaran is the ideal captain of the ship that sails towards success.

Lt Col .Dr. M Baskaran
Founder & Managing Director
Er S Kannammal


S Kannammal, Director of VirukshA, is an established professional who served in the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board for 33 years. With a background in Electrical Engineering from Govt College of Technology, she has served in TNEB in various capacities at different establishments under Tangedco, Tantransco, and TNEB. Her experience and contribution are widespread over different facets like distribution, construction of distribution lines, transmission towers, EHT lines, and 33/110/230/400 KV substations. She also made a noteworthy contribution as a Superintending Engineer who took charge of 14 Hydropower generation stations prior to her retirement.

She always maintains a positive outlook in her thought, approach, and attitude towards life. She is never belittled by challenges and instead boldly faces the issues thrown at her. She is always up for anything, be it climbing up tall ladders to inspect the turbine, take a stroll through the penstock tunnels, or climb up the mountains/woods even in the midst of pouring rains or scorching sun. She is always ever ready on the worksite to inspect, analyze and provide valuable advice with clear-cut foresight.

As a director onboard, she provides strategic direction aiming to promote and implement VirukshA’s mission and vision.

Moreover, she is a very pleasant, sportive, and energetic leader who is also a great motivator. She maintains a calm composure and also has a deep passion for Yoga and Ayurvedic medicines.

Awards & Accolades

Outstanding Engineer Award

Award presented by the prestigious ‘Institution of Engineers, India’ on the occasion of Engineers Day, 2016

Commendation by Chief of Naval Staff

Awarded Commendation by Chief of Naval Staff, Naval HQ, New Delhi on the occasion of Republic Day-2000 for completion of a multi-crore and multi-dimensional time-bound project in collaboration with Rolls Royce, UK well ahead of the schedule with utmost quality and huge saving costs.

Additional Secretary, Min of Defence expressed happiness over the progress of the work being ahead of schedule and conveyed his appreciation…’ –Extracts of Newsletter (Oct-Dec 1997), Engineer-in-Chief’s Branch, Army Head Quarter, New Delhi.

Highly appreciated for the excellent work done on fast track basis on Indigenisation effort by DRDO on a Development of a confidential project of National Importance.

Accredited as Second Best Multiple Projects Head in a professional /Technical performance competition (1997-98) amongst 09 equivalents spread across Goa, Western Karnataka, Kerala & Lakshadweep.

Awarded ‘Best Article of the Year-2004’( All India level) for a technical paper published in Army technical magazine.

Presented technical papers in national and International Seminars.

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