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As there is a lot of migration, the density in the urban cities keeps drifting on an increasing In recent decades the world has faced rapid urbanization not withstanding that this is contributing adversely for a downward slide in the environment and ecological balance. The ongoing urbanization process improves the infrastructure that is adaptable for the modern lifestyle, and this keeps pulling people from rural villages to urban cities. As there graph which results in lots of hustle- bustles, pollution and unfriendly ecosystem to live in. 

India is engulfed with approx. 30% mountains out of the total land area. The remaining 27% is plateaus and the left over is with plains (43%). Out of this 30%, there are a few mountains which are habitable or fit enough for human to live in there. Nowthe real estate sector is bringing in a new cult where owning a mountain villa is a new trend.

 There are vast landscapes in mountains that has commonly been seen just as a barren land which was of not much use other than the agriculture. But now this perspective has totally changed, and people have started to think how best those spaces could be used. This is where Viruksha Developers stand to optimize these resources and provide this luxury of living with nature at a legitimate cost. Mountains have been a place for agriculture, an excellent place for retirement too to sit aside, admire the nature and cherish one’s lifetime memories.

As far as urban cities are being concerned the residential plot cost has gone up to an unimaginable height that a common middle-class people literally struggle to own it. But the cost of a residential plot at hills is comparatively less that even a lower middle-class economy could afford to buy a plot of their choice. It’s not only about cost but the new normalcy now after COVID has made people hold their horses with these concept of Work FromHome, Social Distancing and many other.

Due to this increasing urbanization, the complete decorum of the living place in cities
has changed which makes the ambiance stressful for people to move on with their normal lifestyle. In order to get out of all these stress and negative ambiance, people have started to migrate from these urban noises to serene slopes which provides ultimate peace and harmony.

Uses of Mountain Villas

Mountain Villas are with the embracing beauty of nature which soothes your
soul. Owning a mountain villa is also a psychological benefit where you could stay close with nature and serenity which would give you peace and harmony. There are ample number of uses to own a mountain villa . For a few people, it is to settle down in their native like going back to their roots from where they originated, and for few others its embarking a new phase of their life who have got frustrated with the hustle-bustle of the cities. In these circumstances, people keep looking for places that hold serenity and solitude which in turn give them peace and harmony.

Be an NRI or Resident of India, owning a hill station property is one of the best investments and advantageous too. Villas in hill Stations is most wanted and of high value and that’s why it is of high demand. The new cult of real estate has become owning a mountain villa for various reasons, mainly to get rid of the stressful lifestyle or needs short breaks to get the stress out of their head. 

People would want to get back to their roots because they would love to settle down in their native and for some, they would want to retire in a small town with scenic beauty, for a few others, it is to enhance their opulence with resplendent homes honed with splendid supremacy.

Hill Living Places in Tamil Nadu

There are a lot of places to own a mountain villa across Tamil Nadu, out of which a few are Ooty, Coonoor, Kotagiri, Yelagiri, Kodaikanal, Yercaud, Kolli Hills and lot more. 

Ooty:- Called the “Queen of Hills stations” is about an height of 2240 meters(7440 ft aprox) . This place would be the best for people who seek serenity. This holds panoramic view of nature, undulating hills, and lush green valleys. Ooty lake, Botanical Garde and Rose gardenare ‘must see’ places

Coonoor:- Coonoor at an altitude of 6000 ft, is blissfully beautiful situated at a short distance of 17 Kms from Ooty. This embraces large acers of tea estates piercing long wide roads to admire the unwinding beauty while travelling across it. 

Yelagiri:- Situated at the Centre, bordered by four hills around at an altitude of approx. 3645 feet. This is one of the unexplored places in Tamil Nadu that holds an infinite natural beauty. Other scenic beauty would include the scintillating artificial lake, misty mountains, rustic village and so on. 

Kodaikanal:- Situated at the midst of the rolling slopes of Palani Hills. This place would mesmerize you with its gurgling streams, pristine lake and cascading waterfall/ This is at an elevation of about 2133 meters (7000 ft) and has been an epitome of mother nature. 

Yercaud:- This is an undiscovered treasure situated at an altitude of about 1515 meters (5325 ft). This is known for its orange groves, fruit and spine plantation, oak and sandalwood forests. This is truly a paradise for nature lovers. 

Kolli Hills:- Nestled at an altitude of about 1300 meters (4265 ft) encircling 70 bends and curves which best suits for adventures. This is also popular for its rich culture and significance. You could enjoy trekking here strolling between coffee plantations.

Over view Kotagiri

  • The meaning of Kothagiri is Hills of Kota Tribes. 
  • Located 29 Km from Ooty, 20 km from Coonoor and 72 km from Coimbatore
  • Elevation – 1847Meters (6060 ft). 
  • Average Temperature -16 Degree Celsius. 
  • This is a taluk and Town Panchayat in the district of Nilgiris. 
  • It holds about 14 villages. 
  • Has a pure bliss of flora and fauna. 
  • Huts made of mud, wood and straw with a small entrance merely 2 feet tall is a much interesting aspect to look out for. 
  • This town is bordered with lots of valleys and knolls.

Reasons to Own a Mountain Villa at Kotagiri

Kotagiri is decorated with stunning mountain slopes, mystic mountains, gurgling streams, deep woods, and freshening flora and fauna. The moderate climate here and sizzling showers soothes not only your body but also your soul. Kotagiri is also a heaven for agriculture which is now become an important revenue maker. Tea and coffee plantation at this place yields good income at the same time breading hives and producing honey has also been an interim part. 

Owning a property here in Kotagiri is not only for a social status but also boost your revenue through rent, lease or agriculture. If there is an idea for permanent settlement or retirement with not an iota of doubt that Kotagiri is the perfect destination for it. This is the place that full-fills the desire of people who are out there to settle down in serenity, enhance their social status and improve their revenue too.

Economic Reasons

The main reason for owning a villa in this mountain ranges is being economical when compared to villas at plains. On an average, the cost comparison of the land or plot would only be around 12% of the plots or land in plain. Similarly, an independent house or a villa would constitute only around 7% of the total cost of a residential villa at plains. 

The below given is the cost estimation for every other metropolitan city in Tamil Nadu by the survey reports of the year 2020. When compared with all these costs, the cost per square feet in Kotagiri is much more economical.

Places to Wander and Wonder

  1. Catherine Falls 
  2. Elk Falls 
  3. Doddabetta Range 
  4. Rangaswamy Peak and Pillar. 
  5. Kodanad View Point

Ambiance around & Lifestyle

Enhance your level of opulence by owning a villa at Kotagiri and encircle yourself with nature. The serenity here will help relax your mind, body and soul. At this place you could feel heaven at home and live with peace and tranquility to resonate with the serenity of the trees, birds, stars and the serene dark sky. You can live here surrounded by the natural music such as the chipping sound of birds, breezy wind that swirls around and the sounds of dry leaves that hits your foot. The building here goes along with the natural ecosystem without disturbing the flora & fauna around. Treat the natural environment and surroundings with utmost respect because you are a guest at her home.

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