Consultancy - Customer Perspective​

Consultancy - Customer Perspective

At VirukshA, we follow a customer-perspective approach which focuses on the customer, that is you! We offer living options like freehold, lease and rented. You can pick the options of your choice depending upon your needs, your likes, the flexibility you prefer, your budget and your long-term goals. The choice is always yours and we make the path easier for you by always being on your side as a helping hand you can always trust.

Freehold Model

Senior Living Focussed on You and Your Benefits

At VirukshA, we always consider your comfort and your benefits first. We offer exclusive customer-perspective and developer-perspective Senior living services that maintains the perfect balance between quality, perfection, budget and time schedule.

Leasehold Model

Rented Model

Now that you are ready to move to a senior living community, countless decisions await. One of the first and foremost decision to make is whether to go in for rented model based on your age and financial capability or secure a freehold dwelling unit with an upfront fee. Senior living rentals include traditional villas, apartments or row houses giving the seniors plenty of choices to choose the right residential unit.

Points to ponder

Rental property doesn’t require large upfront capital funds. The rentals are paid on a monthly basis.

Renting relieves you the biggest burden of homeownership. However, on-site routine maintenance will be charged as a part of the monthly fees

Renting offers flexibility: Should you ever choose to move, it can be done relatively faster and easier.

VirukshA will help in carrying out any documentation/agreements works for needy seniors.