Dream Homes Built on Foundation of Care

Constructing Your Vision to Reality

With VirukshA, you can always trust on quality and commitment. We are pioneers in constructing buildings that breathe life and reflect your vision. Expert engineers, designers and management professionals work together in collaboration to understand your needs and convert it to reality. Our construction methodologies are also focussed on senior living and senior care.

What Viruksha Offers

Our 3 Primary Project Management Principles

Methodical Planning

VirukshA adopts unique design methodologies for each project giving scrutinized attention to even the smallest details, thereby attaining the perfect balance between aesthetics, functionality, budget, time, materials and creativity.

Flawless Execution

At VirukshA, we devote a dedicated team of professionals for each client, thereby developing a good rapport that improves the communication channels and ensures a perfect flow of information with timely and effective decision-making capabilities.

Timely Completion

The VirukshA team of experts and professionals work in perfect collaboration to execute and complete the project within the stipulated time frame. We ensure a prompt project quality that fits within the budget.

Your Vision is Our Mission

Tell us your vision, your likes, dislikes and expectations and let us do the rest! We construct homes exclusively for you- Our mission is to meet your vision!

Interior Design & Wood Works

Our interior design and woodworks are a fusion of classy designs and varied styles that reflect your vision in the best way possible. We blend innovative ideas with a touch of creativity and aesthetics to come with interiors that impress.

Design that focus on making spaces brighter and spacious
Modernistic looks with amenities that leans on senior care.
Create a feel-good environment with the perfect fusion of colours and textures.
Furniture, Flooring and Lighting amenities that speak of comfort and quality

Types of Interior Design


Simplicity that oozes with elegance is the speciality of modernistic designs. The usage of metals, pleasant colours, steel and glass materials uplift looks like no other


The minimalist design makes use of modern designs combined with airy colour palettes making your interiors look sleek yet simple.


Anything classic never goes out of fashion! Floral elements, legendary sceneries, classic lightings and furniture gives your space a touch of traditional charm.


In contemporary design, geometric shapes and curvy lines give your premises a touch of style and class with a dash of elegance and opulence.

Renovation & Remodeling

At VirukshA, our remodeling and renovation services give your living spaces a much-needed makeover to make it look more pleasant, aesthetic, functional and classy. It makes you feel at home the moment you cast a glance at it! We provide you with the best quality services that focus on perfection, punctuality, integrity and transparency in dealings.

Property Valuation

We help you determine the right economic value of your property with expert calculations and valuation methodologies. Property valuation mainly depends on 4 factors- demand, utility, transferability and scarcity. It helps you to determine the fair market value of your property- the fair price at which the property can be sold or bought.

Property Management

VirukshA offers you efficient property management services by taking complete responsibility for the entire operations of your property. We take full control and oversee any issues that need to be rectified and take the necessary measures then and there itself! We ensure that your property remains in good condition welcoming you back home whenever you visit it.