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Designs That Speak Your Soul!

Innovative Designs That Build Dreams

VirukshA differs by offering designs that speak of innovational brilliance and builds your dreams in such a way that it exceeds your expectations in every single way. And, our services are spread over every aspect of the building right from the planning stage to the completion stage. We custom design for you, for your family and for your needs. It is all about you and your likes as it is your home. We ensure that your style is reflected in every nook and your needs are adhered to in every available space.

Design That Puts You First

Our design capabilities are always built on factors that offer you immense benefits. VirukshA follows the Design-Build concept to ensure that our client’s work design and building process is carried out with utmost efficiency without any delays or issues. Our in-house team of professional experts helps you to plan, design, build and properly maintain the building in the best possible way.

The Right Choice

Work out the Senior living and care models in such a way that the best units in the location are always chosen.

Layout Finalization

Finalize the layout by positioning the dwelling units, common amenities and infrastructure in the best possible way.

Senior Living Specifications

Incorporate the senior living specifications in the dwelling unit/layout design in an effective manner.

Technical Specifications

Formulate the technical specification of the project as a whole in a professional and perfect way.

Design Brief

Derive the design brief in such a way that it will act as a guiding light for the Architects and designers.


Finalize the floor plans and infrastructure details leaving no room for errors.

Design Standards That VirukshA Focus on

VirukshA’s Guidelines represent preferred standards for senior housing design, features, safety/security, services, and operational considerations. They are also intended to be an informational tool for architects and developers involved in planning and development of senior living. Few design aspects are outlined briefly below.

Building Design

Design that focuses on building compact, environment friendly and comfortable rooms that are senior friendly. Extra attention is taken to ensure that the local building rules, applicable design codes and planning authority rules are followed strictly.

Electrical Comforts

The dwelling units to be well lit using energy saving fittings that are a mix of solar lights and street lights. Solar powered reverse metered electricity as per existing TNEB policy is to be incorporated The excess power saved can help to earn revenue.

Residential units, Common Areas Access

Safe, convenient and comfortable access for wheelchairs, pedestrians and vehicles are provided. Entrances and pathways are all wheelchair friendly with adequate lighting facilities.


Easily identifiable steps illuminated well using both natural and artificial lights. Landings to be provided with adequate resting spaces during the climb up the stairs. Grab rails to be provided wherever necessary. Senior friendly lifts to be installed for multi storeyed buildings.


Windows overlook outdoor activities with natural and peaceful surroundings. Balconies/verandahs are all covered securely.


The landscape design emphasizes on aesthetics, safety, low maintenance, and long term cost efficiency.

Bed Rooms

Bedrooms large enough to accommodate single/double bed and a wardrobe, with ample space for accessibility. Good sound insulation is provided to create a peaceful ambience. The bed surface is placed at a height between 40 and 45 cm from the floor with switches at hands reach.

Kitchenette and utility/service area

The kitchen to be equipped with a compact integrated area as a “kitchenette” Basic facilities like Electric or induction burner microwave,adequate shelves and racks with dining space can be provided.

Common Amenities Area

The Common Amenities Area include Lounge, Dining, Pantry, Kitchen with store, Library, Reading room, Activity centre, Recreation room (Indoor games) and ante room, Visitor’s toilet, Medical centre, Physiotherapy, etc


Toilets are all well illuminated and easily accessible for wheelchair users with doors opening outwards or sliding to easily allow access. Glass shower curtains are avoided. Shower seats are provided with hand rests, WCs, grab bars and senior friendly Shower knobs/taps.


Adequate safety measures to be ensured for residential units as well as in common areas. Easy movement and comfort is ensured.

IGBC certification

Green building concepts, design and techniques in the residential sector can help address national issues like water efficiency, energy efficiency, handling of consumer waste and conserving natural resources. Most importantly, these concepts can enhance occupant health, happiness and well-being.