Green Concept

Go Green, Build Green, Nurture Green

The Necessity of Bringing Nature Closer to Us

The concept of green living is not just a trendy phrase. It is a well-thought concept of building our environment in such a way that it doesn’t hamper the world’s environment. At VirukshA, we don’t build mere skyscrapers. Instead, we build buildings with a conscious- The buildings which blend with nature and never damages nature in any way! We are IGBC LEED – certified and implement eco-friendly construction methods, energy conservation techniques, alternate sources for fuel and recycling methods to conserve energy and do our bit to build an eco-friendly world.

Here is How a Green Building Plan Looks Like

Principles We Swear By

At VirukshA, we pledge ourselves to spread the word of sustainable green building design principles and also advocate it in every construction work we take up. We aim to educate the fact that green buildings not only preserve the environment but also helps in reducing the cost of construction. It helps in reducing the consumption of raw materials and limiting energy costs in the long run.

The green design principles that VirukshA swears by

Ensuring site sustainability

Maintenance of the Indoor air/environment quality

Usage of nature-friendly resources and materials

Preservation of the atmosphere and energy sources

Maintenance of water efficiency

Implementation of eco-friendly Innovations in the design process

Green Buildings, Green Surroundings

We believe in the world that breathes the breeze of lush green! At VirukshA, we take extra measures to ensure that all our construction projects are carried out without causing any detrimental effects on the environment around us.

Think Responsibly, Choose Sustainability

At VirukshA, we lay focus on building dwellings that uphold the value of sustainability.

Think Responsibly, Choose Sustainability