Services That Define Quality

Pioneering Consultancy Services

At VirukshA, we offer both B2C- Consultancy Services To Customers and B2B- Consultancy and Operational Services for Businesses. We pioneer in both fields and excel in providing services that define quality. We follow a customer-centric approach that focuses on the benefits that you-our most valued clients get! It’s your likes that matter the most and it’s your choices that drives us to meet the targets. In the developer-centric approach, we focus on the points that helps the developer to reap potential gains from the project. We maintain the perfect balance between quality, budget restrictions, and your likes to come up with services that impress you beyond words!

Catering Services

Catering to your palate with a spread of delicious choices

Widespread menu to choose from! Your taste is our pick!

Love to try a variety of tastes? Choose the flexible menu and play with flavours!

Prefer a perfect balanced diet above anything else? Your wish is our command!

Health above all? Your health is our responsibility! Let’s treat you with a healthy diet!

Participative Menu Design

We follow a collaborative menu design in which, you, our clients also joins hands with us to design the menu in accordance with your ease of usage.

Catering Facilities

At VirukshA, we offer premium catering facilities for any small/big gatherings or functions. Choose from a spread of delicacies that suit your taste buds!

Quality Of Impact

Quality assurance and impact analysis are carried out on a regular basis to ensure that you are served the best, anytime and every time!

Activities Offered

House Keeeping

Who wouldn’t love a sparkling clean home that is well-ordered, well-kept and smell fresh? At VirukshA, we ensure that you are always welcomed home to the warmth and love of clean and fresh rooms that immediately lifts your mood and makes you feel at ease. We are equipped with expert housekeeping staff members who manage all the chores and duties involved in running a house to perfection. We take care of the cooking, cleaning, washing, shopping, maintenance and so on! We ensure that you always step into your home with a smile!

Value Added Services​

Utility Services

VirukshA takes care of all your electricity, water and telephone bill payments. We also employ experts to handle your tax payments with diligence.

Personal services

Be it the insurance works, planning of finances, or retirement, we help you choose the right path at the right time. We further assist you in legal documentation works, bookkeeping services and offer legal services too if needed.

Guest services

Your guests are our responsibility! We take care of booking rooms for your guests and ensure that all their needs are well taken care of as long as they stay with you.

Other services

Other premium services offered by VirukshA include professional hospitality and networking services.

Concierge services

Our services span over car rentals and travel desk assistance too! Your travel is always perfectly planned without any hassles at VirukshA!

Medical Services

At VirukshA, medical assistance is always at hands reach from you. Professional medical staff is always at your assistance to help you with any health issue which needs attention and care. Fully-equipped premium hospitals are always nearby in case there is a medical emergency. We ensure that your health, your diet, your medicines and treatment methods are carried out without any fail. At VirukshA, we always ensure you are cared for in each and every way possible. Come home to VirukshA!