Construction Management

We Make It Happen

Coordinating Talents, Focusing on the Goal

At VirukshA, our construction management services are regulated by an experienced team of professional administrators and construction engineers and managers who work together in coordination to minimize the risks and maximize the return on investment. We coordinate talents and work together to achieve one fixed goal- your project completion with utmost importance to quality, perfection, budget and time schedules. Our Design-Build concepts are built on an efficient construction management system to ensure perfection in every touch.

Construction Management Stages

Pre Construction

Conceptualization of the project starting from the design of the layout, floor plans, drawings and designs needed for architecture and construction works.

Materials and technical specifications are finalized and with special attention to senior friendly aspects/building code compliance for senior living community homes.

Planning common amenities with fittings, furniture, and infrastructure that is specially designed for senior living.

Coming up with bathroom solutions that are senior-friendly. Senior care products are also arranged.

Planning assisted care facilities with layout, infrastructure design and functioning principles.

Full fledged amenities, food production units, and required equipments are planned for senior living and senior care facilities.

Team members are deployed on the working site to check for quality criteria and complete all the necessary documentation procedures.

Provide assistance in acquiring the IGBC LEED certification for Green buildings

Active life and assisted living concepts are finalized. Detailing of functioning, business models and profitability are also done

We assist you in all the documentation and other legal procedures. (Agreements related to Services, Sale & Construction)

Tendering Action - Provide assistance in the BOQ preparations, tender floating, and contractor selection.

Resource planning & supply chain management - VirukshA can provide all the above services with due diligence.

Execution of the Project

For the successful completion of a project, proper coordination of various activities and tasks that lead to the common project target/goal is a necessity. It includes management of the day-to-day activities, labour, material, and other operational activities that helps in the completion of the project. VirukshA handles project management with ease headed by experienced project management professionals.

MIS refers to Management Information System reports. It offers a clear-cut image of the vital elements that play a crucial role in the growth of a company ensuring that each and every need of the customer is met at the right time without even the slightest compromise on quality. Viruksha makes use of MIS reporting tools to ensure that our clients get the best-anytime, anywhere!