Palliative Care

The Cure May End But Our Care Never Ends

We Ensure That Every Moment is Worth Living

Do you find it difficult to cope up with the growing burden of an illness which seems to drain you out?
Would you love to see them bid adieu with a smiling face, taking with them a treasure trove of pleasant memories?
Are you often left helpless thinking about how to make a dear one’s life worth living as they seem to approach the doors of heaven?
Do you know a dear one who is facing a difficult time in their lives clinging on to the only hope of a few days left to live the moments?

Viruksha can make the journey easier for you

At VirukshA, our primary goal in all our future projects is to provide holistic care and enhance the quality of life, during those precious last days in the journey of life. We can offer specialized medical assistance to help soothe the pain and make the last moments worth living. We can offer psychological, spiritual and emotional care and assistance to not only the patient but also to their close family members.

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative care offers relief from unbearable pains and sufferings in addition to offering much-needed assistance and care to people with terminal illnesses.

We Ensure That Your Journey of Life is Worth Living

Life is a journey that takes us through different stages. And, when the journey is about to end, we ensure that you/ your loved one gets all the care needed to live the last moments as you wish.

VirukshA Cares For You - Always

At VirukshA, we put compassion above anything else. We can offer expert palliative care services to all those who need assistance and care during those last few days. A caring touch and a loving word, combined with motional/spiritual support have that magical power to make the last days of life worth living.